The Easter Bunny Has Come To Lush – In The Form Of A Vegan Shampoo Bar

Chocolate eggs aren’t the only treat we’re looking forward to this Easter, Lush has revealed its vegan Easter range and our interest has been piqued by a bunny-shaped shampoo bar.

The cheekily-named Wash Behind Your Ears shampoo bar – fun for the family or for when you’re lathering in bubbles and getting through your recent #currentreads – is more than a couple of pretty ears.  

The shampoo bar is made from lemon and carrot oils with cider vinegar, to leave your hair clean and shiny. It’s available to buy now on Lush online or in stores, for £6.50. 

If you’ve never used a shampoo bar before, you can apply it directly onto your hair and massage it onto your scalp. Only a couple of strokes are needed – a little really does go a long way.

As well as being vegan this solid shampoo does away with the need for plastic packaging – another eco-friendly win.

Bunch of carrot bubble bars, £6.50.

Golden Egg bath melt, £4.95.

April Showers bath bomb, £3.95.

Carrot soap, £5.95.

Cream Egg bubble bar, £3.95.

Cream Egg bubble bar, £3.95.

Cream Egg bubble bar, £3.95.

Free Rangers blue bath bomb, £6.95.

Free Rangers purple bath bomb, £6.95.

Free Rangers orange bath bomb, £6.95.

Here Comes The Sun naked shower cream, £9.75.

Poisson D’Avri bubble barl, £5.95.

Seven Deadly Sins bubble spinner, £4.95.

Wash Behind Your Ears shampoo bar, £6.50.

Which Came First? bath bomb, £6.95.

Which Came First? bath bomb, £6.95.

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