Fentimans Traditional Mandarin and Seville Orange 12 Pack

“An Interesting combination.”

“Fentimans have done it again! I had doubts before trying it, not anymore!”

“It’s got a kick to it, very pleasant though.”

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Product Facts

  • Fermented botanical orange drink with ginger and herbal extracts
  • Fentimans fearless fermentations
  • Retro soft drink
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

Product Description

The Fentiman family have been brewing botanical beverages for almost 100 years, using only the best milled roots, finest herbs and natural flavourings in their draughts.

Each order comes with 12 x 275ml Fentimans Traditional Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger

A refreshing drink with that elusive depth which mainstream ‘fizzy drinks’ never seem to achieve and without any artificial aftertaste. A good orange zing to it with the hint of the ‘botanical ingredients’ (speedwell, juniper, ginger).

The Fentimans’ range and the presentation of the bottles offers that magic of a bygone era and the anticipation that you are about to enjoy something special. It is probably that overall sense of occasion which makes these feel a treat whereas when I drink mainstream fizzy drinks I am just quenching thirst.