Best Vegan Baking Cookbooks - Top 7 (July 2024)

The Best Vegan Baking Cookbooks (July 2024)

Article Written By: Kay Watkins

Whether you’re a vegan, looking to learn more about it or simply want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, cookbooks can be a great way to gather inspiration and add new, exciting dishes to your repertoire. Baking is a fun way to get into the world of cooking. After all not many can say no to a sweet treat.

The Best Vegan Baking Cookbooks Buyers Guide (July 2024)

  • 1. Sweet Vegan Treats
  • 2. Modern Vegan Baking
  • 3. BabyCakes Covers the Classics
  • 4. Whole Food Vegan Baking
  • 5. Rawsome Vegan Baking
  • 6. Vegan 100
  • 7. Vegan for Everybody
Sweet Vegan Treats Image

Sweet Vegan Treats

  • ✔ 90 Vegan Recipes
  • ✔ Comprehensive And Reliable

Delicious, Gluten, Egg and Dairy Free Treats and Sweets

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If you've ever had a sweet tooth denied, a craving unfulfilled, or an appetite left unmet, this cookbook is for you. Longtime vegan author Hannah Kaminsky has compiled an impressive array of creamy, luscious treats that will leave guests wondering, are you sure this is vegan? And to prove these creations will surprise all taste buds, every recipe has been taste-tested and approved by both vegans and non-vegans alike! These original, mouthwatering recipes include:

  • Chocolate chip cookie pie
  • Baklava tart
  • Lace Florentine cookies
  • Mocha revelation cake
  • Lychee cupcakes with raspberry frosting
  • Almond avalanche bars
  • Chili chocolate tart
  • So many more!

Whether you're a master baker or simply a dessert lover hungry for a more satisfying fix, these recipes won't disappoint. Friends and family won't believe that they're entirely plant-based—no eggs, dairy, or animal products—and options for avoiding common allergens are folded into every page as well. Finally, desserts that everyone can enjoy are just a few thoughtful ingredients away.

So go ahead and enjoy that thick slice of Silken Chocolate Mousse Cake—everyone deserves a little indulgence now and then.

“Sweet Vegan Treats is a gluten-free dream come true. Not only do they create amazing versions of your childhood treats like Samoas and Thin Mints, their easy to follow recipes let you be your family’s gluten-free hero!”

“This delightful collection of baked treats is a vegan triumph. That they are also gluten-free is nothing short of astonishing. From your favorite Girl Scout Cookies to Blueberry Buttermilk Coffee Cake, each recipe is a gem.”

“Sweet Vegan Treats desserts will have you absolutely swooning. With their creative gluten-free takes on classic childhood favorites like Strawberry Frosted ‘Pop-Tarts,’ Girl Scout Cookies, Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Cheez-It Crackers, combined with Celine’s gorgeous photographs, you will want to devour everything in this book.”

Modern Vegan Baking Image

Modern Vegan Baking

  • ✔ 125 Vegan Baking Recipes
  • ✔ Easy-to-Follow Instructions

The Ultimate Resource for Sweet and Savory Baked Goods

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With new ingredients like agave, arrowroot, and aquafaba, vegan baking is every bit as delicious and exciting as traditional baking. Mixing inventive ingredients and cutting-edge methods, professional vegan baker and blogger behind Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery, Gretchen Price shows just how delicious substitution-free cooking can be. With 125 recipes, plus step-by-step tutorials, Modern Vegan Baking provides a variety of tried and tested recipes for anyone who enjoys vegan baking.

Modern Vegan Baking contains:

125 Vegan Baking Recipes for making both savory and sweet treats, including must-have classics and innovative creations
Easy-to-Follow Instructions for new vegan baking techniques and ingredients
Helpful Extras including a complete guide to vegan baking substitutions

Recipes in Modern Vegan Baking include: Triple Chocolate Glazed Donuts, Rosemary and Fig Focaccia, Lemon Lavender Shortbread, Pumpkin Pie with Oat Nut Crust, and much more!

Taste how much better baking without butter can be with these creative and dairy-free delicacies!

“OMG it’s FINALLY here!!! The best vegan recipes from Gretchen’s bakery! I am so excited to start working my way through her cookbook. WOW! These recipes are amazing, taste delicious, AND are cruelty free!”

“Gretchen has made the vegan baking bible! If you are baking vegan food for non-vegans this book is my weapon of choice.”

“Gretchen’s gorgeous vegan baking is now in book form! Even if you’re not vegan, it’s packed full of recipes that will suit everyone, which also makes it the perfect gift!”

BabyCakes Covers the Classics Image

BabyCakes Covers the Classics

  • ✔ Hardcover Book
  • ✔ 144 Pages

Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles

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For those with food sensitivities, these desserts have remained a distant dream—until now.

Following her widely adored debut cookbook with this delectable and extensive new collection, Erin McKenna, celebrated baker and proprietress of BabyCakes NYC in New York and Los Angeles, satisfies all your food fantasies with fifty recipes for perennial favorites—all created without gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar.

In addition to its important primer on key ingredients and easy substitutions, BabyCakes Covers the Classics includes a section filled with Erin’s insightful solutions to frequently asked questions, which will lead you to newfound baking glory. As for the goods themselves, prepare for untold hours of refreshingly simple and undeniably delicious recipes adapted from the ones that sprinkled our collective childhoods. They include:

Thin Mints
Chocolate Chip Waffles
Square-Pan Tomato Pizza
Six-Layer Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Preserves
Banana Royale
Five variations of BabyCakes NYC’s famous donuts
& many more . . .

BabyCakes Covers the Classics
 is filled with timeless sweet and savory temptations that vegans, celiacs, and the health-minded can safely indulge in. Erin shows people of all stripes how to take control of a vegan, gluten-free pantry, and she proves that once you do, there are no limitations to what you can bake.

Whole Food Vegan Baking Image

Whole Food Vegan Baking

  • ✔ Easy To Follow
  • ✔ 116 Pages

Delicious Recipes Using Healthy, Natural Ingredients

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The classic cookies, cakes, and pies in Whole Food Vegan Baking have been transformed into better-for-you versions of themselves that still taste fantastic. Most vegan baking includes refined sugar and other processed foods, but these recipes are made with only natural, whole food, plant-based ingredients. So you can be kind to your body while still indulging in decadence.

Whether you’re vegan, or just in search of a healthier way to enjoy your favorite sweets, Whole Food Vegan Baking shows you how to create cookies with chickpea flour, oil-free apple pie, and dozens of other vegan baked goods that you’ll love to eat and be proud to serve.

Whole Food Vegan Baking is:

  • Easy as pie―Bake each recipe to perfection with simple instructions, and notes on prep time, cook time, and all the necessary tools.
  • Vegan, naturally―Learn the science behind swapping sweeteners, omitting oil, and picking plant-based―without sacrificing flavor.
  • Tips and tricks―Get pointers on recipe variations, ingredient substitutions, serving suggestions, and more.

Experience natural vegan baking that’s as flavorful as it is good for you with Whole Food Vegan Baking.

Rawsome Vegan Baking Image

Rawsome Vegan Baking

  • ✔ Vegan Desserts Made Easy
  • ✔ Creative Raw Desserts

An Un-cookbook for Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Beautiful and Sinfully Sweet Cookies, Cakes, Bars & Cupcakes

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Make Undeniably Delicious and Eye-Catching Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Treats

Emily Von Euw, creator of the popular blog This Rawsome Vegan Life, makes treats that are so phenomenal and so stunning they should be considered masterpieces. Oh yeah, and they’re raw, vegan AND gluten-free. So whether you’re a vegetarian, a raw vegan or even a meat-lover just looking for something healthy, new and delicious, this book has something for you.

Emily’s popular blog won the Vegan Woman’s 2013 Vegan Food Blog Award, was named one of the Top 50 Raw Food Blogs of 2012 and is nominated for “Favorite Blog” for the 2013 VegNews Veggie Awards. Every recipe is accompanied by a photograph so you can see each brilliant sweet before you eat.
Emily’s beautiful and easy-to-make recipes, like her Peppermint Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes, S’mores Cupcakes and Go-Nuts Donuts with Frosting & Fruit Sprinkles, are so tasty that you won’t even realize they’re vegan. Quite simply, Rawsome Vegan Baking will wow your taste buds and impress your friends and family with new great tastes in dessert.

“Emily’s blog has the type of recipes that would get any foodie excited about raw vegan cuisine.”

“Who knew raw food can be so surprisingly creative? Emily takes raw foodism to new levels that wow us every single time.”

“Emily is incredible. Her recipes are some of the most creative and drool-inducing I’ve ever seen. I wait with anticipation for every new thing she produces. This (un)cookbook is no exception.”

“Emily is a creative genius when it comes to dreaming up colorful, beautiful, whimsical and delicious recipes. She is one of my favorite vegan bloggers and I can’t wait to see what adventure she takes us on in her upcoming cookbook.”

Vegan 100 Image

Vegan 100

  • ✔ 100 Amazing Vegan Recipes Including Desserts
  • ✔ Raw Cacao Vegan Cheesecake
  • ✔ Chocolate Tart
  • ✔ 224 Pages

One of the best cookbooks we've reviewed. Gorgeous photos ans recipes overflowing with flavor and nutrition.

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Tempted to try your hand at vegan food but don’t know where to start? Or even just to make meat-free Monday a regular thing? Long gone are the days of vegan food being dull and worthy: Vegan 100 is bold, vibrant and gorgeous. Going vegan was the best decision Gaz Oakley ever made.

Gaz Oakley is an exciting young chef who has worked his way up through professional kitchens from his teenage years. Wanting a healthier lifestyle, he decided to change his diet and go vegan. He took up the challenge of finding ways to make his food vibrant and tasty and the results were so impressive that he developed the Avant-Garde Vegan brand to showcase his recipes on Instagram and his vegan YouTube channel.

Gaz, aka Avant-Garde Vegan, was once a meat eater and often didn’t feel well. Overnight, he decided to go vegan for the health benefits, for his love of animals and to do his part in looking after the planet. He found that, as a trained chef, it was surprisingly easy to get big tastes and colours into vegan dishes without compromise, and he also noticed an improvement in the way he felt.

The emphasis in Gaz’s 100 amazing vegan recipes is first and foremost on FLAVOUR. From Kentucky Fried Chick’n and Fillet “Steak” Wellington to more appropriately for this list,  Chocolate Tart and Summer Berry Mousse Cake. It’s all incredible-tasting food that just happens to be vegan. Delectable, beautiful and packed with dishes that are good for you, this is like no other vegan cookbook.

Vegan for Everybody Image

Vegan for Everybody

  • ✔ Over 200 Recipes
  • ✔ Very Positive Reviews
  • ✔ 336 Pages
  • ✔ Pumpkin Cashew Cheesecake

Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and In-Between.

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Vegan for Everybody will teach you how to prepare, combine, and—most important—reimagine foods to maximize their flavor without spending a fortune on specialty ingredients. You can rely on these exhaustively tested recipes for everything from Blueberry Muffins (we baked 100 batches to get them right!) and truly great Black Bean Burgers to Baja-Style Cauliflower Tacos paired with spicy mango slaw and cilantro cream and a Yellow Layer Cake that will knock your socks off.

America’s Test Kitchen decodes and demystifies vegan cooking so you can reap its many benefits. Avoid the pitfalls of bland food, lack of variety, and overprocessed ingredients with approachable, fresh, vibrant recipes.

Can vegan cooking be flavorful? Satisfying? Easy to make? Through rigorous testing on the science of vegan cooking, America’s Test Kitchen addresses these questions head-on, finding great-tasting and filling vegan protein options, cooking without dairy, preparing different whole grains and vegetables, and even baking. Reimagine mealtime by celebrating vegetables at the center of the plate and in salads and grain bowls. Take a new look at comfort foods with a surprisingly rich and creamy lasagna or hearty burger with all the fixings. Bake the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie or a layer cake that stands tall for any celebration. With more than 200 rigorously-tested vibrant recipes, this cookbook has something satisfying for everyone–the committed vegan or simply those looking to freshen up their cooking.

Best Vegan Baking Cookbooks Image

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